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Flotal Ultra Clear

Flotal Ultra Clear, produced from a new generation low iron float glass that is more transparent compared to standard float glass, has an enchanting appearance with its superior reflection capability. It provides an image quality that is as close to what is seen with the human eye and the most natural.


  • Has the maximum brightness a mirror can provide.
  • Shows all objects at their natural colours.
  • Reflects light from natural and artificial light sources and adds depth to the places where it is used.

Colour Options

In order not to compromise its extraordinary clearness and maximum ability to reflect, Flotal Ultra Clear is only be produced in clear.

Fields of Use

With its superior reflection skill compared to other mirrors, Flotal Ultra Clear is recommended for venues where appearance is priority like gyms, dance studios, art galleries and automobile showrooms. Also this product is preferred as a decorative element in restored or new homes and offices.

  • Clear

Thicknesses and Sizes

Standard Thicknesses (mm)Standard Sizes (mm)Thickness Tolerances (mm)
43210x2500± 0,2
63210x2500± 0,2

* The size tolerance is ± 5 mm in all nominal sizes.

* Şişecam Flat Glass should be consulted for different size and thickness demands.

Sample Images