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Things You May Not Know About Flotal

​​What is Flotal?

Flotal, is the trademark of Şişecam Flat Glass’ mirror. Flotal has 2 different options that are Flotal E and Flotal Ultra Clear.​

How do you know if a mirror is Flotal?

Part of or the entire backing of these mirrors will have the Flotal logo on them. Also if a sample is sent Şişecam Flat Glass can test whether the mirror is Flotal or not.

Are there different colour options in Flotal mirrors?

Yes. There are clear, bronze, grey, blue and green colour options.

How are Flotal mirrors cleaned?

The mirrors must be cleaned with a moist and soft cloth. Strong stains must be removed by lightly rubbing with a cloth that has been submerged in clean hot water and wrung out thoroughly. Chemicals and cleaning products should not be used.

How do you prevent breaks of Flotal mirrors?

In places where there are lots of people, a film should be coated on the back. The safety film that is applied to the mirror should be in compliance with the TS EN 12600 2B2 standard.

What feature of Flotal E makes it considered an ecological product?

Flotal E is produced without copper and lead. Less solid/gas waste is generated in the environmentally friendly production process of Flotal E.

What differs Flotal Ultra Clear from Flotal E?

Flotal Ultra Clear is produced using low iron float glass. Since it is produced with low iron float glass it provides a more natural and shiny appearance.