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Why Flotal?

​The reflection capability and optical quality of a mirror is dependent on its being produced according to standards.

The mirror standard TS EN 1036 includes the conformity assessment of silver coated mirrors and factory production control. This is the standard that determines the recipes for silver coated float glass used on glass structures, the trial methods and the conformity assessments.

Mirrors are subjected to a number of tests to measure the reflection feature, optical quality, durability and whether or not they have been produced according to standards.


    Corrosion Resistance Test

    This measures the resistance of mirrors to conditions that cause corrosion. It is comprised of the three tests called the Moisture Test, Salt Test and Cass Test.


    Quantity Test

    This measures the reflective and protective materials in mirrors.


    Paint Resistance Test

    This is comprised of the three tests called the Pendulum Hardness Test, Paint Thickness – Durability Test and Paint Adhesion Test.


    Reflectivity Test

    This measures the reflective feature and optic quality of mirrors. It is comprised of the two tests called the Reflection Test and the Zebra Test.

    CE, is a mark that means the product meets all requirements of the relevant regulation and shows that the product is suitable for free circulation among European Union countries.
    The ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate is a certificate that is issued by the Turkish Standards Institutions (TSE) to companies operating in the manufacturing and service sector when they establish their system in accordance with the TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Standard.

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